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Welcome to my website, allow me to introduce myself, I am Goran Bucan. My personal history and experience with real-estate dates back several decades in a country called Croatia, which is where I was born. My path towards real-estate was set before I could even walk. While most children were playing in sandboxes, I was playing in the proximity of my father’s construction sites; watching as he constructed impressive real-estate structures across the Mediterranean seaside. Thus began my life-long love affair with real-estate properties. My European roots allow me to appreciate the fine exquisite beauty of the city that is Vancouver. After travelling across the globe, and visiting many other world-class cities, I have never come across another city more vivid, stunning, full of natural beauty, and unique as Vancouver; it truly is the best place in the world to live in. It is thus with great pleasure that I am able to offer my professional services in the field of real-estate within the greater Vancouver area. It is truly an honour.

My Education

My educational background consists of a Bachelors of Business Administration degree, specializing in marketing, finance, corporate strategy, and international business. I am also certified with the following:

  • BC Real Estate Managing Broker
  • BC Strata Management
  • BC Property Management
  • BC Mortgage Broker
  • Canadian Securities

My Real-Estate Experience

I have been unofficially involved in real-estate for over a decade now, and have been operational as a liscenced realtor for nearly 10 years. I'm excited to be part of the RE/MAX Master team, widely recognized as one of the premier brokerages in the Lower Mainland and beyond. I have been on both sides of the real-estate spectrum myself; as a consumer and as a realtor. Before becoming a realtor, I was a real-estate investor; I have had the experience of renovating, decorating, buying, and selling properties and can fully understand the concerns of any homeowner. As a realtor now, I can offer full assistance and assurance to my clientele (the same support that I wish I had when I was a homeowner) based upon my previous real-estate experiences and my insightful knowledge of the Vancouver real-estate field.

My Principles

I strive to be fully transparent in my real-estate operations and to stay adaptive with Vancouver’s real-estate scene. I aim to be always ahead of the curve and to offer my clientele foresight that is based on my varied personal experiences and education. I provide diligent market updates, market analysis, and monitor the market shifts and trends to better serve my clientele.

I take great pride in providing my clients with personal and direct services. I will never take on more than I can personally handle, meaning that I will be fully accessible to my clients anytime, any day, and anywhere.

It would also be my greatest pleasure to extend my personal contacts in the financial field, the marketing field, the home renovation and decorative field to all of my current and future clientele; all you need to do is talk to me.

I have never perceived the real-estate discipline strictly as a service industry. I view it as a partnership between you and me. At the end of the day, our relationship will make the fundamental difference between basic service and a fulfilling experience. Be assured that I will go the extra mile for you and beyond, until you are satisfied. This is the kind of real-estate partnership and relationship that I believe in, and I will strive to make it succeed.

This is why I am pleased to offer you my comprehensive services with this new innovative approach to real-estate that differentiates me from any other realtor’s method. I would like for all of my clients to feel that they have a say in this partnership, instead of feeling like it’s a standard transaction.

As Your Realtor

Use my knowledge and experience when it comes to buying and selling your home.

Use my analytical abilities and tools when it comes to your real estate investments.

Use my personal contacts when it comes to home renovations and upgrades.

Use my customizable real-estate business model to sell your home.


I am Goran Bucan, your partner, advisor, and friend.